How to get sperm from lewd nurses

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Jasmine Wilde, Jazlyn Ray and Jessica Starling are all nursing students living together. Blonde Jazlyn is in her room one morning having sex with her boyfriend, Rion King, when she realizes that she's late for her exam. Jazlyn quickly ran off to take the exam, leaving her tough boyfriend on the bed. With Jazlyn out of the way, Jasmine and a horny Jessica make their move on the unsuspecting Rion. Jasmine and Jessica seduce Rion (who can resist) and masturbate him until he milks himself into a medical cup. That's when Jazlyn returned to the room and caught slutty Jasmine and Jessica in action. Jazlyn straps on a big, squirting dildo and decides to teach Jasmine and Jessica an anatomy lesson they'll never forget.

How to get sperm from lewd nurses
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